Two hours playing and 1 hour imprisonment, that’s the brief summary of what you could expect.
The main thing is that you surrender for over three hours to the Mistress. She will decide what she wants to do with you in the time available. Of course she will respect your limits.
Will she start with a rigorous inspection of your body and will she be pleased by the outcome? In that case it may well be that she will continue playing with you right after the inspection. This will tell you that it’s time to play and abuse your body to her desires.

But maybe you did not make it through the inspection and as she will lock you in as a punishment and you can hope for to pass the test in the second try. Or maybe she wants to use the imprisonment as another way to test you.

The imprisonment might be used as a time to recover. When she has brought you heaven and hell, you might need a moment for yourself. Nice and warm and embedded, you will forget the time and just listen to your own breathing and heart rate.

Until you suddenly hear the ticking of her heels ... What is she going to do?