House of SubMission

Dutch BDSM Studio

On this website you can read what"House of SubMission" stands for, what the possibilities are, view pictures and, of course, you will find the information to get in contact with these Ladies Mrs Illucia en Meesteres Kate .

House of SubMission stands for a BDSM experience in a safe and secure place, with a a serious approach to SM.

Maybe you just got curious by all the publicity about "Fifty shades of Grey" and your phantasies are triggered by the situations described in these books. Then House of SubMission provides you the opportunity to have your first BDSM experience in a safe environment and under experienced and well skilled guidance.


If you have more experience in BDSM, then you will certainly feel at home and soon know your place. BDSM House of SubMission is an initiative ofthe Dutch Meesteres Illucia en Mrs Kate both living in Holand. Both of them have an extensive experience and expertise and offcourse a good reputation. They are well known from SM locations in Rotterdam and The Hague, where they have used their whips, tools and and toys for quite some time.


This is based on our broad interest, experience and expertise in BDSM, which makes our House of SubMission the right place to express fantasies and allow yourself to experience your darker desires.

  • Are you hiding and suppressing feelings for a longer time?
  • You think you're the only one who wants to be submissive and have no one to turn to?
  • Or maybe you're already exploring the world of SM and quite experienced, but you still have not found your Mistress?
  • That one Mistress that gets you on your knees physical or mentally, just on entering the room?
  • Would you like to gain more experience, for example in the field of bondage, spanking, whipping, caning, CBT, nipple play, worshipping feet or boots, nursing, sounds or undergoing severe punishment or more into fetish like leather, latex or rubber?

Mail or call us.
We will always answer to serious questions and we will immediately tell you if it is possible with us. If not, we could refer you to a Mistress who does.




Adres: Thomsonlaan 109A, 2565 HZ Den Haag

Licencenumber BWT 00110 SEB 20

Landline phonenumber 070 225 00 23

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