House of SubMission Team

Our team consist carefull selected and enthousiastic people with sincere BDSM feelings.

The founders, Mrs Illucia en Meesteres Kate , two Mistresses each with private slaves and of dominating nature. We have been involved in the 'game' of BDSM for many years and we have encountered most different forms, both private and also professional. Through the years we have been playing with our slaves in The Hague and Rotterdam, always from an established club and / or studio with their own house rules.

Now we have decided to join our forces and creativity together in our BDSM House of SubMission and from now on we have set our own house rules.


We are often referred to as 'classical' Mistresses, which in our opinion means as much as:

  • No use of poppers or other hallucinogenic drugs.
  • No messing around with materials. When we want to use a whip, we know how to use it and you will feel it and won't forget it!.
  • No switching possible from our side.
  • We take time before the session to discuss your hard limits and any medical restrictions. We do not follow your 'script' in a session but you may tell us your phantasies.
  • Clean materials and toy's.
  • No illegal activities allowed and no permanent damage.

Look at the personal websites of the Mistresses for more information: Meesteres Illucia en Mrs Kate





Adres: Thomsonlaan 109A, 2565 HZ Den Haag

Licencenumber BWT 00110 SEB 20

Landline phonenumber 070 225 00 23

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