Slave Night

Slave Night on 18-05-2022

For those of you who also find a slave night so wonderful, exciting and challenging we, Mistress Illucia and Mistress Kate, are organizing another slave night. Submit to the Mistresses, surrender to creativity, fantasy and who knows, you might surprise them (and yourself).

Serve appropriately, endure and enjoy SM as both Mistresses see and apply it. Maybe you should/maybe do bisexual activities with one of the other slaves.
Of course you will have to do or endure some things here first, with us you only get a bonus when you deserve it in our eyes.

But also when you don't have bisexual feelings or desires, you can earn a bonus. Both Mistresses are creative and imaginative enough to give this a surprising twist.

We start this slave night on Wednesday, May 18, 2022 at 19.30 and the fee you pay is 350 euros per person, including snacks and drinks.

Upon entering you will first have an intake interview with one of the Mistresses about your hard limits but also any physical limitations. Or the use of medication which may be of influence during the evening. And of course you can indicate if you can have (temporary) marks on your body and/or if you are in for bisexual activities. Hard boundaries are always respected. Afterwards you will have to undress and shower, so that there will be no obstacle between you and the Mistresses.

This night is for anyone with submissive and/or masochistic feelings and desires, of course for this night with us the minimum age of 21 years applies. For an night of delicious suffering and performing tasks for the mistresses, you need to register by phone with Mistress Illucia or Mistress Kate.

Check the website for the Mistresses' contact information and make sure to call with caller ID turned on.
Slave night at House of Submission

Several slaves are present here, neatly timed of course. They offer themselves to the Mistresses, tell their hard limits and any experiences in BDSM.
Beginners are just as welcome as advanced slaves, everyone has to start somewhere after all. Bi-experience is exciting but certainly not required. After all, limits are taken into account.

Strap-on, whips, clamps, electro, footfetish, bondage and bisexual assignments are often the order of the day, but the night can also be filled with other activities. It's just what the mistresses have in store and you have to submit.

That is what you are here for, isn't it?




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